Friday, June 5, 2020

2020 CRAZY

January brought COVID-19 and stopped the world. It forced executive orders to stay home and to close a lot of businesses which lead to a bunch going bankrupt or deciding to fold. Different regions had different "rules" but basically, everyone had to stay home or wear a mask when then went out in public places. Information about infection rate, about the illness and everything related to is a mess.

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It's now June and we've made a lot of progress on the apartment. We got our electrical, rough-in plumbing and HVAC approved which meant that we could drywall. I whacked my middle finger on my left have pretty could in March putting up insulation with a staple hammer. Right now it's all black and Jim is confident that I'll lose the nail.

One of the exciting projects completed was to get our solar panels up and running. We are now running off the Sun's energy and not the propane generator.

Another exciting project completed was to hook up my laundry machines - washer and dryer. So glad not to go to the laundrymat.

We got our living area and kitchen 95% done. Kitchen appliances are in and cabinets are in. Jim has to MacGyver a spice rack drawer and then we can request a measure for a countertop.  All walls are done and painted. 3 wall with Behr Polar Bear and the main wall going from kitchen to bedroom is a seafoam greenish color Behr Mirador.

We got our bedroom done this week. The back wall is Behr PoppySeed and two walls are Behr Hailstorm. Jim has to work on mud & tape of the bathroom and to get the boiler up and running once we get it. Then .... tile the shower stall. There's also our closet to mud/tape and paint. After that... white gloss paint for the trim.

Dust, fine dust, dust everywhere.

This past week, a man was killed by a cop which has lead to massive riots with violence including deaths of many officers. So much for social distancing.

We are communicating with a structural engineer about our house and reviewing a contract. We should hope to start leveling our house site in the next month or so. We have no deadline or timeline. We just do what we can.

Adding photos to this blog isn't a simple task hence why there hasn't been a blog for some time. Not in the mood to add any today. Maybe on the next update.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Happy New Year 2020!

Fingers Crossed!  We are to close on our Granite Falls house on January 17th which is a week away!  Today we are getting our first snowstorm and they are predicting between 12-30" of snow falling this weekend. The unfortunate part is that we have to get back to our house to empty it. We plan on leaving after the storm and I hope that the roads are ok. I'm a bit nervous hauling a trailer in not so great weather.

We've stalled a bit during the Christmas holidays. We got our living apartment enclosed, walls are up and we started planning on where the outlets and lighting will be. We have to start on our electrical, plumbing, propane line and combo boiler. Got to get inspected then insulation can go up. Then the rest of the apartment will come together.

We got to go to a neighborhood pre-Christmas party and got to meet more neighbors.  Very nice people. They've all lived here between 20-30 years. They pretty much all built their own homes.

Then we got to go to a New Year's Eve party at our immediate neighbors. It was a fun time. That's the first time in decades that we've stayed up to welcome in the new year. We are usually in bed by 9pm.

We are now powered by the propane generator which then charges our lithium-ion batteries. It is so nice to have quietness without running the gas generators all the time.

We are still living in Thing2. It's staying warm enough and in the evenings we sit in our apartment by the woodstove.

Jim is immersed in the apartment while I'm looking at styles of homes, interiors, etc. We don't have any plans or decisions on the house so I'm not sure if we are laying a foundation this Spring.

I've joined a #ladieshomesteadgathering group and I'm learning a bunch about being self-sustaining and living off-grid. Lots to learn. I got to meet/know some really remarkable ladies that run their own businesses.
-North Woods Homestead Mini Jerseys
-Only Local Farmers Market
-Black Tie Affair
-Country Girl Concealed
-Huckleberry Mountain Botanicals
Just to name a few.

Send some good vibes, prayers our way for our crazy trip to Washington to get our stuff and to get back safely.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

It's been chilly and it's just the start of winter

 It seems that we work at projects every day but make little progress except for this week.

We've been working on outside building trim and still have some left to do. Got to work on the solar power utility again. Got the pits dug, the poles secured and concrete poured. We also finished laying out more conduit from the shop to the solar panel posts.

The big push was to get started on framing and we got lots of help from our friends Don and Kathryn. We are almost done framing the walls and Jim got a 14 ft section of the ceiling done today in hopes to connect our wood stove. That didn't get completed today but we are very close.

We've hired an electrician to help connect our new generator to the propane tank, solar power to the shop and electrical wiring for the apartment. He thinks he will be starting tomorrow.

I'm predicting that we should have a completed apartment by February. In the meantime, we are tolerating our traveling trailer but we will be glad to get out of it and rid of it.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

What's New On The HomeFront?

We've been busy.
Basically getting a roof on and 4 walls up.

Today we are squaring off all the doors before we put trim up today. I'm painting on a tough coat on the exposed foam Foxblocks to protect them against the weather.

Our thermostat in Thing2 has been on the fritz. The new one is arriving soon. It's been a bit chilly at night. Good thing I'm sleeping in a sleeping bag and 2 down comforters plus my winter PJs.

Our shop windows arrive around November 11th while our huge garage doors arrive on December 26th. We have put up large tarps over a couple of the doors. It should be interesting when the snow flies.

No exciting animal sightings.

I hope that we start our wood framing for our apartment soon.

I've been networking with 7B Women and Bonner County's Ladies Homesteading Gathering and making new connections.  Jim's getting plugged into the Bonner County Search and Rescue group.

Til next time....

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Time Race Against The Cold

It went from a beautiful summer right into winter. It's getting chilly in Thing2. Last night's low was 18F.  It's been a bit chilly. BRRR

Since my last posting, we've got our final sewage disposal aka drain-field inspection approved! After 10hrs or so of moving dirt to cover up the pipes and Jim making the final touches, it was approved. :)

Cement was finally poured on Sept19-20th. They came back a few days later to cut lines in it. On September 23rd we rented a 'man-bucket' lift to start putting up our beams. For two weeks we put up beams, purlins, and gurts. On Oct 7th, we rented a scissor lift to work on tightening up all the bolts/nuts, fixing any errors and doing some paint touch-ups. Today, Oct 10, 2019, we are working on tightening up things and squaring the bay doors. We will be ready for siding soon and the roof goes up last.

We had tremendous help from our friends. Very thankful and grateful for their time and skills.

I'll be making a time-lapse video of our shop site from start to finish in the next couple of months.

Mr. Bear came walking by around Oct 3rd. Other than that, a bunch of deer.

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I hear the driveway alert go off this morning at 6:03am (9/19/2019). We both spring out of bed to confirm what we think. Yup! The pumper crew is here!  As time passed, 615am more trucks and crew members arrived.  630am was the first cement truck to make it to the shop site. Sooooo exciting! This means we can start thinking about putting up our steel beams next week and getting a roof on.

We didn't know what to expect. There were 3 members of the pumper crew and 6 members of the foundation crew. Once the 4th and final cement truck left, 4 members stayed behind to complete the finish. There was a bit of a waiting period just after the pour to let it set and evaporate. After about an hour or so, they started working it. They left around 430pm today and will be back tomorrow for the second part.

We still have some work to do. We need to continue prepping the solar holes and make cement forms for where the propane tank and diesel generator will go, however.... we didn't get any notice that today was going to be the day. We were surprised and excited that the trucks and crew showed up. Jim couldn't do anything else but watch them all day long. He found it exhausting and is currently in bed getting ready to sleep. It's currently 6:55pm. He wanted to go to bed at 530pm.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Happy Anniversary

Today is our 27th Wedding Anniversary. We've been eagerly checking the weather every 1/2 hr and waiting with anticipation to hear from our concrete guy on when to expect them to start pouring our concrete floor. It's a huge part of the project and one that is delaying our ability to erect our steel building.

It's been a bit frustrating not to have heard back from him. We are guessing maybe next week.

The forecast was for rain today and  the timing to go to Deary, Idaho to help a friend in his "moving to Idaho" was perfect. He really needed Jim to help him unload some heavy and large items out of the trailer into the house.  We met our friend in San Jose, California when we lived there. He's made the move to Idaho and he said he feels like he is HOME.

The days are getting shorter and the temperature is getting cooler as well. Some nights are chilly in Thing2. 

I hope that my next blog is a little more interesting with new things to report.

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